Your Guide to Dampp-Chaser Piano Lifesaver System Accessories

When using the Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System, you'll need to maintain the water with pad treatment regularly while making sure the pads and liners are in good condition.  The Dampp-Chaser system has been around since 1947 and technology has changed, so you may be wondering which accessories are best for your piano's system.


Which Dampp-Chaser watering can is right for my system?

Universal Dampp-Chaser Watering Can

Dampp-Chaser introduced their humidifier system in 1972 and there have been many system upgrades in the last five decades.  Since then, Dampp-Chaser has divided their system tanks into two groups: “Obsolete” and “Current”. 

  • The Obsolete Tank group spans four different size tanks and uses a 5/16” diameter water filling tube.  These systems were produced before 2002 and use the universal watering can that includes the adapter and the 60 oz filling instructions. 
  • Current Tanks and systems (produced since 2002) use the 1/2” diameter water filling tube and 84 oz filling instructions.  Purchase a replacement tube if your watering can is missing this tube.

Dampp-Chaser Replacement Tube for CURRENT TANKS

Do I need the black or clear Dampp-Chaser liner?

Dampp-Chaser products have evolved since the company was established in 1947.  Tanks were introduced in 1972 and are available in five different sizes. The older systems are termed "Obsolete" and the newer tanks are "Universal."

  • Systems produced prior to 2002 may use an “Obsolete” size tank.  Many of these tanks can use the modern black liner, but “tall tanks” that are 8” or 9” tall should use the clear tank liner.  These tanks are described as “Standard Vertical Tank” and “Old-style Backside Tank” (pre 12/07 production). 

Dampp-Chaser Clear Tank Liner

  • Systems produced since 2002 use the modern “Universal” sized tank and the modern black liner. 


Dampp-Chaser Universal Black Tank Liner


What other accessories do I need?

  • The Dampp-Chaser system uses specially engineered pads to maintain the optimal level of humidity inside your piano by wicking moisture to the humidity bar.  Change them twice a year and replace pads with hard water mineral deposits.

Dampp-Chaser Humidifier Pads


  • The water in your Dampp-Chaser watering can should have pad treatment added to it in order to keep the tube clean, clear, and reduce mineral deposits on the humidifier pads.  This extends the life of the pads in your Dampp-Chaser system.  Do not use other brands of pad treatment; this will void your warranty and potentially damage your system.


Dampp-Chaser Pad Treatment Solution

  • Clean Sleeves prevent mineral deposits and corrosion from hard water on your Dampp-Chaser's humidifier heater bar.  Replace sleeves every time you change the tank liner.

Dampp-Chaser Clean Sleeve


Here at Everett Piano Services, we supply everything you need to maintain your Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System.

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Dampp-Chaser Accessory Kit


Questions?  I am a certified Dampp-Chaser technician and would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have.