Piano Maintenance for Commercial and Religious Institutions

Just like home pianos, institutional pianos require regular tuning and repair to keep them in good shape. But since these instruments are often used for performances, they experience more wear and tear, resulting in the need for more frequent maintenance.

Definition of Institutional Piano

My definition of an "institutional piano" includes any piano at a school, place of worship, military academy, museum, art gallery, theater, rental hall, music store, historical society, convent, rectory, recording studio, city/government site, hospital, nursing home, hotel, cruise ship, transportation station, etc. I’ve done work at all of these except transportation stations. Please contact me to discuss the details of your location if you are unsure if your business qualifies.

Scheduling and Building Access Information

Tuning at these sites are often outside of regular business hours (evenings and weekends) or are at specific times between functions. I schedule maintenance visits ahead of events or holidays, but can assist with emergency calls, touchups, or final adjustments before a performance. Plan ahead and schedule your routine tunings in advance. 

Some sites tune on a schedule e.g. every three or four months or six months, annually, etc. Many sites schedule maintenance shortly before a function that could span from a week before the function to just before the function. Some performers prefer a set schedule of tunings before their shows. I will gladly provide service on whatever maintenance schedule you prefer.

I’m often met at the door, given access and exit instructions - a number to call or a specific door to exit knowing the door will lock behind me. Some clients return when I estimate the end of the work while others prefer to stay on site with me. A few of my long-term clients have issued a door key. 

I usually request the doors be locked while I’m there for my safety and the site security.  

Rates for Institutions

I do offer adjusted rates for institutions. Please contact me for details.

I offer piano care for both private residences and institutions.