How does piano tuning work?

The process of tuning a piano takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours and involves adjusting the tension of every string in the piano. There are about 235 of them!

Pianos should be tuned one or more times each year. Humidity and temperature changes in our area affect the pitch and playing style of pianos. The age and previous care of the instrument can influence the tuning process, as well. Multiple tunings may be recommended when a piano is very out of tune or has not been tuned for a number of years.

Do you repair pianos?

Yes, I repair pianos. I can regulate them, make mechanical adjustments, replace parts, strings and more. An additional visit may be needed so that all tools, parts, and appropriate service time are arranged for your piano’s unique needs.

Do you move pianos?

No, I do not move pianos, but I can recommend a good professional mover. Please contact us for recommendations.
Pianos should be tuned after moving, even if moved from room to room in your own home. I recommend letting the piano rest in the new location for a few weeks, then professionally tuning the instrument.

Information about piano climate control units

A very popular brand of piano climate control units is the Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System. Systems like these are helpful for good piano health and for extending the life of your instrument, especially in climates like the Southeastern Wisconsin area. I am a certified installer for Dampp-Chaser. I can install and repair these systems as well as supply maintenance parts and materials.

Piano Products

Everett Piano Services carries a wide variety of piano products and accessories ranging from cleaning products and tools to lamps, benches, and beyond. Please see our Products Page for more information.

Tuning Rates and Information

Gary Everett is the owner and technician for Everett Piano Services. He serves the
Southeastern Wisconsin area and is based in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Please contact us for rates.
There may be additional fees for service and repairs in our extended service area.
Religious, educational, and commercial institutions have modified rates.

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