Piano strings need to be adjusted at least once a year, and pianos that are used for concerts or student practice should be tuned more often. For new pianos or pianos that haven't been tuned for a very long time, we recommend setting up a tuning schedule.


Pianos have thousands of moving parts, so it's very common for things to break or need upkeep. Repair services range from replacing a broken strong to action reconstruction. 

Dampp-Chaser Installation

Gary Everett is a certified Dampp-Chaser installer and retailer. Learn more about piano climate control systems at 

Service Area

Gary serves the Southeastern Wisconsin area including Kenosha and Racine counties. Please contact for extended service areas. 

Churches and Institutions

Everett Piano Services offers piano maintenance for religious, educational, and commercial institutions. Please contact for modified rates.


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Everett Piano Services does not move pianos or offer lessons.