Art of Tuning - A Self-Guided Manual for Piano Tuning, By Claude Montal

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  • English version
  • A self-guided manual for piano tuning, design, action regulation and repair from mid-19th Century France
The Art of Tuning is the first comprehensive text on piano tuning, construction and repair ever written.  Filled with historical details concerning the pianos of the mid-19th century, The Art of Tuning documents the technology, tools, and techniques used during the most vibrant period in the development of the pianoforte.  This English translation masterfully preserves the direct and approachable style of the original.

Claude Montal (1800-1865), blinded by illness at the age of five, was a major award-winning manufacturer of pianos who received patents for several of his inventions.  His most lasting legacy was the teaching of piano technology as an appropriate profession for blind people.