Dampp Chaser Piano Humidifier Treatment Bundle TWO Bottles 16oz + 8 Pads + 4 Liners

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Tired of running out of your Damp-Chaser humidifier products and having to constantly re-order new ones? This value bundle pack contains enough humidifier supplies to last for years.
Bundle Package Includes:

- Two bottles of 16oz Dampp-Chaser Piano Humidifier Treatment
- 8 Humidifier Replacement Wicking Pads
- 2 Black Liners
- 2 Clear Liners
We recommend replacing the humidifier pads at least twice a year due to mineral buildup. Poor water quality may also require more frequent replacement. Replacing the pads regularly will prolong the life of your system, and help the system to function better. Each pad is 30" x 4", and can be used on all Dampp-Chaser humidifier tanks. The length may need to be cut to fit your particular tank.
Pad Humidifier Treatment Description:
PAD Treatment prolongs Humidifier pad life, keeps the watering tube clean and clear, and reduces mineral build-up in the humidifier tank. Use one (1) capful every time you refill the humidifier with water.